Panel or Service Upgrade

What is a Panel or Service Upgrade?

A panel upgrade is when your electrical service is enlarged to handle more circuitry for your home or office. The individual circuits will not be able to handle more power than they did previously, however your overall electrical system will be enlarged to make room for new circuits.

What will upgrading my panel or service upgrade do for me?

Changing or upgrading your existing electrical panel may be able to do a couple different things for the owner. Replacing an older electrical panel may improve the reaction time that breakers will take to disconnect power to a malfunctioning circuit in your home. The quicker the disconnect the less of a chance of electrical fire or personal injury. Upgrading will allow an older system to provide more power for an home addition, central air conditioning installation, or even your basic kitchen remodel. Older electrical panels have fewer spaces for additional circuits. Additional space and larger cables feeding your electrical system will enable greater flexibility for future installations.

What will upgrading my panel or service involve?

1. An in person itemized electrical estimate. Anyone willing to give you an estimate over the phone is either over bidding or will come back with hidden costs later.
2. A permit must be submitted to the local municipal building department. Amp’d Up Electrical will submit paperwork.
3. Setting a date where we can have access to your home or business for 8 to 10 hours on a day with acceptable weather conditions.
4. Electrical will be turned off for approximately 8 hours during upgrade.
5. Amp’d Up will replace all cables/pipes from the point of attachment where the utility company makes 1st contact with your home. The electrical meter box and electrical panel will both be replaced. All breakers within the electrical panel will be replaced with new and labeled with a description of what it controls.
6. When complete the home owner schedules an inspection with the local building department to ensure a proper installation has been completed.

What portion of the electrical service is the utility companies responsibility?

The utility companies are responsible for the wiring from the point of attachment to your home or building towards the telephone pole and back to the utility company. This point will be above the electrical meter on above ground electrical services. From this point down and throughout the home is the responsibility of the owner to maintain. The electrical meter itself is the property of the utility company. The meter enclosure known as the “meter pan” is the responsibility of the home owner to maintain and or have replaced by a licensed professional when necessary.

Panel or Service Upgrade

Service Upgrade