Permit & Fee

Amp’d Up Electrical will handle submitting your permit. Permits are handled with the municipal building department in your city. Many projects do require the need for permits. Most repairs do not require them. Permits will only be submitted when mentioned in an estimate. Fees are charged by your town or city for the inspection of your project. The cost of these will be added to final balances on your project. Permit fees are based upon your particular project. Costs do vary from town to town. We may be able to offer you an approximate cost based upon past experience. Amp’d Up does not mark up your permit fee. You will only pay what your town charges us.

Only a licensed electrical contractor like Amp’d Up Electrical may submit a permit for electrical work. Check to make sure your contractor is licensed before agreeing to any project. Do not hire unlicensed handymen or other types of contractors for your electrical needs. Electrical work has rules. These rules must be followed and are in place for the safety of your home and family.

Blank Electrical Permit

Blank Electrical Permit

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