Baseboard Heating: Electric

Baseboard Heating

Baseboard Heating

It’s that time of year again. Time to think of when your willing to flip the switch on your furnace or boiler. Why heat the entire home when you only need heat in your bedroom or office space. Installing supplemental heating units that can individually be controlled can help reduce your heating costs this fall and winter.

Often electrical baseboard heaters are installed with less mess and lower costs that traditional water baseboard or additional duct work from an existing forced air system. Do you have a room in your home that heating was never considered for like a finished 3rd floor or attic space? Not only will this be a cheaper option in most cases, but if you chose not to use it the threat of pipes freezing is no longer a concern either. Thermostats can be added to the side of a baseboard unit or wall mounted for ease of operation. Both your standard rotary thermostat and digital thermostats are available for electric heat.

Many people ask if electric baseboard heaters are safe and yes they are. When they are properly wired by a licensed professional and secured safely to a wall the pose as little hazard as your typical heating system. Keeping combustible furniture or drapery away from all heating elements is a good precaution.

Ask Amp’d Up today about installing baseboard heating in your home today.

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– “Heating your home is a necessity, but standard heating systems aren’t always the best option for your home. Baseboard heaters are an alternative to standard heating and can be used as either a primary or secondary source of heating. Baseboard heating can be a low-cost, energy-efficient way to heat a small home or simply an area of your home with poor heating circulation. These heaters are easy to install and don’t take up much floor space.”

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