Attic Fans:

Amp’d Up can help reduce your cooling bills. In addition to ceiling fans and wiring for both central air and window units we offer installation and replacements of attic roof fans. These fans often resemble a mushroom or dome shape on your roof. The typical fan last about 10 years depending use and weather elements. Often attic fan shrouds, the outdoor cover, are broken due to weather or animals seeking a way into your home. Previous models used plastic and over time sunlight has dried out the plastic causing it to crack. Did you know attic fans can help your air conditioning run more effectively? By cooling your attic spaces duct work will stay cooler and air will reach the desired space with little temperature variation. ¬†Ask us about our low installation or replacement rates today. Rates include wiring, fan, and weather sealing.

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Mike’s Tips:

Attic fans are thermostatically controlled. The standard temperature setting should be 90 degrees. While 90 degrees may seem high your attic will always be about 20 degrees warmer than your top floor during the summer months.

Check your fan’s screen just below the shroud (covering) to ensure there are no wholes big enough for birds or other small animals. Repair or replace if necessary, but make sure your fan is turned off completely before. A switch or breaker is a safe way to disconnect the power. Do not rely on the thermostat.

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